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About Our Firm

The Story of Hughes & Associates
Thad Hughes Valdosta

Our Firm's Identity

Welcome to Hughes & Associates: Certified Public Accounting & Retirement Services. Our team of experienced Certified Public Accountants and dedicated support staff provide both personal and professional financial services to our clients, not only in Valdosta but across South Georgia. Explore the intricacies of our accounting firm online, then speak with our experts directly.

Our Mission

Why Our Firm Exists

Hughes & Associates is a full-service accounting firm providing complete services in the areas of accounting, tax, retirement, and business consulting. The Firm was founded with the philosophy to provide professional services that are of highly quality and efficient. Our goal is to strive for excellence and to provide our clients with timely services that meet each client’s specific needs.

Our Values

Our Firm's Foundation






Learn to expect the

Our Certified Public Accountants provide both the knowledge and the experience required for precise and methodical accounting work.

Learn to appreciate the

Not only is the accounting work done well, but it is done with respect to the timelines that you, your family, or your business set before us.

Learn to admire the

The trust of our clients is first earned then continually proven through our attentiveness, care, and paramount focus on reliable execution.

Learn to love the

Clarity of objectives and processes that is then followed by open lines of communication is the foundation of every one of our client relationships.

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Certified Public Accountants

Thad Hughes Valdosta
Founder, Certified Public Accountant
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Administrative Team

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Hughes & Associates is a Full Service

Accounting Firm

Searching for a full service accounting firm in Valdosta, GA? Hughes & Associates provides a diverse range of accounting services targeted both at individuals and small businesses. We provide certified public accounting and retirement services for Valdosta businesses and individuals alike, so we specialize in and allocate our time across the following accounting & retirement categories:

Small Business Accounting & Advisory Services 25%
Administration Services for Retirement Plans, Specializing in 401 K Plans20%
Income Tax20%
Bookkeeping and Data Processing Services20%
Attestation Services15%

Searching for a Certified Public Accounting Firm in Valdosta?

Hughes & Associates Serves Valdosta & South Georgia

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Hughes & Associates:
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