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Thad Hughes Valdosta
A Summary of

Our Accounting Services

Professional, personable, and proficient accounting services; Hughes & Associates is here to serve. Valdosta businesses and individuals alike can benefit from the reliability of the financial management experience of our Certified Public Accountants. The proper care-taking of your hard-earned finances is a responsibility that we take very seriously, and our history of trusting and satisfied clients continues to provide stability and credibility to our accounting firm. 

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A Summary of

Our Retirement Services

Hughes & Associates also provides a robust portfolio of retirement services. The diverse experience of our seasoned Certified Public Accountants allows for a broader range of services that extend beyond the often limited approach of other accounting firms. Search no further for Valdosta accounting services and retirement services than Hughes & Associates.

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Certified Public Accounting Services & Retirement Services

Small Business Accounting & Advisory Services

– Choice of entity planning
– Employee benefit consulting
– Sale or exchanges of business property
– Automated bookkeeping services
– Quarterly payroll tax preparation
– Annual W-2 and 1099 preparation
– Sales and motor fuel tax preparation
– Depreciation schedules
– Amortization schedules

Administration Services for Retirement Plans, Specializing in 401 K Plans

– Plan design
– Plan document preparation
– Calculation of employer contributions to the Plan
– Preparation of Annual Reports for the Employer and Participants
– Filing of annual Form 5500 or Form 5500-SF with the IRS and the Department of Labor
– Distribution and Loan Processing for Participants

Bookkeeping and Data Processing Services

– Monthly, quarterly, and annual bookkeeping and data processing services

Attestation Services

– Audits of retirement and employee benefit plans, specializing in 401 K Plans
– Review of financial statements
– Compilation of financial statements
– Personal financial statements
– Forecasts and projections
– Other special procedures

QuickBooks Consulting and Training

– Set up of QuickBooks based on client’s need
– Training the client to properly use the software
– Provide assistance to the client for posting and recording of transactions in the software


Certified Public Accounting Services & Retirement Services

Income Taxes

– Income tax planning and projections
– Income Tax preparation for Individuals, Corporations, and Partnerships
– Federal and state tax examinations
– Tax planning for a divorce

Personal Financial Planning

– Preparation of personal financial statements
– Regular and Roth IRA contribution and distribution planning

Tax Examination Representation

– Representation for Federal and State tax examinations

Estate Tax Planning

– Preparation of Estate and Gift tax returns

Thad Hughes Valdosta

The Client Experience

What To Expect As A Hughes & Associates Client

Step 1:
Schedule Your Initial

Call, email, or visit our office to schedule your consultation meeting, which we conduct free of charge. Our Hughes & Associates personnel or referral sources will respond to your appointment request as soon as possible, likely over the phone, in order to solidify and confirm the official day and time of your appointment.

Step 2:
Attend Your Complimentary

Show up to our offices at the agreed upon time for your initial meeting, which is free of charge. We will answer all of your questions and recommend an action plan. Following that meeting, if you choose to utilize our services, you will be provided with a list of the necessary information in order for us to begin the work.

Step 3:
Provide The Required

Immediately following your initial consultation, you will receive a detailed list of the information and documentation that is necessary in order for the work to be performed. You can deliver hard copies or you may upload files through your online Client Portal; whichever method you are most comfortable with.

Step 4:
The Preliminary Work Is

After your questions are answered, our advice is given, the action plan is agreed upon, and all of the pertinent information and documentation is provided to us, our staff goes to work for you. We work efficiently and effectively on every project so that you can rest easy, knowing that the work is being done well.

Step 5:
Discuss Preliminary Project

For more complex projects, additional involvement may be required or desired. Once the preliminary work is completed, your Certified Public Accountant will often request a phone conference to discuss preliminary results and details regarding the remainder of the work that is to be completed.

Step 6:
Work Is Completed &

The work has been completed to your satisfaction and your documents are ready! You may receive your files in physical form, digital form, or both, according to your needs and preferences. 

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